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You Might Be Able To Claim A Check From CTC If Your Name Is On This List


According to the CTC website, you might be eligible for a check from CTC after it was voted to distribute over $1.1 million dollars in funds from 1993 and 25% from 1994.

The following is from the CTC website:

In late August 2019, the CTC Board of Directors voted to distribute over 1.1 million dollars in unretired capital credit balances from 1993 and 25% from 1994. As of September 2020, over 700 checks have been returned due to inaccurate or outdated mailing addresses. If you were a member of CTC in 1993 or 1994, click the link below to see if your name is on the list. If it is, contact us at 218-454-1234 to update your address and claim your check.

Here is the link for the list (CLICK HERE)