Who Will Lakes Jam Sign To Replace Brothers Osborne & Chris Lane?


See the silver lining people… It’s not canceled. It’s being socially distanced.

With so much up in the air, (no pun intended) the powers that be at Lakes Jam made the move to shift this year’s Jam to early August. The old weekend and new weekend? 6 WEEKS apart. These jokes just write themselves. I for one, am thrilled. I always get double booked with a family camping trip the usual Lakes Jam weekend. Now with the festival being August 6-8, my schedule is wide open. Unfortunately, that can’t be said for John and T.J. Osborne… Brothers Osborne have a gig in New Hampshire on Thursday, August 6th… and with Hampton Beach, NH being a quick 23 hour drive to Brainerd, logistically… not happening. Chris Lane is in Mississippi and a 17 hour haul away as well.

That begs the question, who does Lakes Jam get as a replacement? It has been teased by someone… let’s call them  Lakes Jam Talent Acquirer that they think fans “will be happy” with the replacement.

So, let’s speculate… shall we? I very much enjoy this… especially since I hit on a couple 2020 acts previously. (Not so humble brag, but just being honest.)

Top Tier artists… let’s take Aldean, Urban, Carrie, Strait, Bryan, Shelton, FGL, ZBB, Miranda, Paisley, Rhett & Church all off the table along with past headliners Brice, Keith, Owen, K. Moore and J. Moore.

Who does that leave?

  • Luke Combs… his schedule is open in August… A little too open. I think that’s when wedding bells will be ringing. No go.
  • Sam Hunt… Nope. Gigging in Mississippi.
  • Kane Brown… Negative. Also booked for a previous show.
  • Kelsea Ballerini… Out East for a show
  • Brett Eldredge… Playing a show in Massachusets.
  • Midland… Back home in Texas for a few tour dates.
  • Old Dominion… Doing the State Fair circuit. They are previously engaged.
  • Lady Antebellum…booked elsewhere.
  • Little Big Town… Wishful thinking, but they are lined up for 3 strait shows in Denver around the same time.
  • Morgan Wallen… HELLO! His make-up dates with Jason Aldean just got canceled. Fingers Crossed…
  • Dustin Lynch… Well, well… another option. He was supposed to be preforming at FireFest in Cold Spring, MN in late July, but that got canceled, which means he could be in play.
  • LoCash… Maybe… They are set to play Hinkley the following week, but it’s no longer listed on their list of tour stops.
  • Randy Houser… Same deal as LoCash. The potential is there.
  • Chase Rice… In Ohio Thursday, so he could be a maybe for Friday. not sure that would satisfy those wanting something comparable to Bros

So, I’m sure I am forgetting some acts but my head is spinning now. Time for my prediction…

If I narrow it down to artists that I feel would be close to the same tier as Brothers Osborne, I’ll pick between Houser, LoCash, Lynch and Wallen. I’d be pumped if it were Wallen and happy if it’s Lynch. I’m speculating it will be Lynch, but would be thrilled if I could see Wallen’s mullet in person.

As for filling Chris Lane’s spot.. Potential… Michael Ray, Rice, Lanco, LoCash, Houser, Riley Green

Official prediction to replace Brothers Osborne… Dustin Lynch