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Where Is The Cheapest Gas In The Brainerd Lakes Area?

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Photo by William Navarro on Unsplash

Gas prices in the Lakes area are bouncing around like a ping-pong ball… who has the best prices?

As I was driving home yesterday, I saw $1.29, $1.37, $1.30 and $1.49 but if you want the cheapest of the cheap… you’ll have plenty of windshield time to calculate how much you would be saving… if any.

State-wide, according to, the bustling community of Frontenac, MN has the lowest-priced gas in Minnesota at .79 cents a gallon. The mini-city with a population of 282 is in Goodhue County near the MN/WI Border. Quite a hike from the Brainerd Lakes Area to top off your tank. 6 hours… 380 miles round-trip. Ok, so you’ve decided to hold off on your visit to beautiful Frontenac until another time.

In our area, prices seem to fluctuate from day-to-day.


Warning: The above prices WILL change. Don’t head to a specific filling station with the guarantee that the price will be what you see above.

There are great apps to download with real-time gas prices. I use the GasBuddy App. (Not an endorsement… UNLESS they want to pay!)

So it seems as though Costco at $1.19 is the low end currently. While there are several topping out at close to $1.50.

Do you drive out of your way for cheaper gas? I find myself just turning in when the warning light comes on. Then again, I also am not the type to circle a parking lot for 5 minutes hoping for a closer space either…