Need More Meat?- A List Of Local Meat Raffles Around Brainerd

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The meat raffle… A staple at numerous local watering holes. 

What’s not to love? Toss in a buck, grab a number from the drink tray, bar gives the wheel a whirl, if your number hits- you win your choice of cuts. If you don’t win?  Who cares, it’s only a dollar and there is typically plenty of meat to go around!

Unless you are devout to a specific bar, there are ample meat raffles to fill one’s freezer. By my count, lists at least 30 meat raffles within a 45 minute drive of Brainerd.

Sure, there might be a touch of strategy for the win at any cost (buy up the last numbers every time) die-hards. Or the superstitious that pick from the same part of the tray each time… Whatever the superstition or strategy, it all comes down to a flick of the wrist on the spin of the wheel.

Meat raffles bring out the desire to win at any cost in many. Spending dozens of dollars in an attempt to win what would likely cost $5-10 at any butcher shop. The cost doesn’t matter. It’s about leaving with more meat than you came with and going home a winner!

*Disclaimer: Don’t get mad at me… the above map does not include ALL meat raffles.  Any establishment or organization interested in being added to the map, contact