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What To Do When A Co-Worker Steals Your Food From The Fridge?


Okay.  REALLY?  I cannot believe I am writing this.  In a building of grown adults, someone stole someone else’s food from the Hubbard Radio Fridge in the breakroom.

Namely…String Cheese.  Someone stole my two individually-wrapped sticks of string cheese from the drawer in the company fridge.   GONE.

cheese drawer3

As a co-worker asked, “who does that?”  Great question.

How is one to handle this situation?

  • Ignore it?    (“they probably needed it more than I did”)
  • Be thankful – my thighs didn’t need the calories anyway  (“thank you”)
  • Search the fridge in case it got moved?   (I searched… no cheese)
  • Ask the people who are within earshot if THEY “accidentally” took it?  (Nobody was in earshot)
  • Find someone else’s food to steal?  (NEVER…then I am no better than the cheese bandit)
  • Assume that someone took them believing it was THEIR cheese and it was an honest mistake (THAT’S BORING)
  • Send out a company-wide passive-aggressive email AND write a blog about it?  (THAT IS IT!)

Here is the email I sent out:


I mean, just look!  There were much better choices if you were hungry…..

cheese drawer2

So the email goes out.

One response:
     “Not me … but who does that?”   

And THEN…. the truth is revealed!!!!!!!  As this blog is being written, the answer comes to me.  And it’s from someone in H.R.!!

“Probably guilty!  I have been putting mine in the same spot!  I don’t pay attention to brand, because we never buy the same brand.  I have one in there for you today then!  I plan to go get lunch anyway.  🙂 “

cheese drawer
AND there it is.  A replacement stick of string cheese.  Thank you, cheese bandit!  In the end, I found a delicious biscotti treat to munch on and take the meds… so all is well.  I am fed and medicated which means I am clear to go back to work (total joke)!
Hope you enjoyed this “cheesy” blog.   Happy Friday!!!!