What Kind Of Heathens Do I Work With?

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Monsters that can’t even take time to cut 3 pieces of tape… That’s who I work with.

It was a typical morning, I come into work, get situated in my office, grab my water bottle and stroll into the break-room to grab some ice and fill it up. It wasn’t until after I got my ice and re-filled the tray (something that happens about as often as people making another pot of coffee around here… but that’s another story for another time) that I saw it… out of the corner of my eye. That special white box with green letters. The Center donut box in all it’s glory. But something was different.

It appears as though someone allowed my kids in the building to dismember the donut box. No, that couldn’t be. They were home all morning. So, I come to the conclusion that one of my co-workers was so sugar-strapped that they needed to channel their inner 6 year-old and obliterate a defenseless donut box.

Anyone that has had to open one of The Center’s boxes knows of those tense moments before donut enjoyment. There is the smell in all of it’s splendor, but in your way… 3 pieces of the toughest tape to remove. Alas, we have knives in the drawer. Problem solved, right? I guess not.

Can’t. Wait. Must. Destroy. Box.

Oh, the humanity.

At least they left my favorite… white on white with sprinkles.