Credit: National Weather Service-Duluth

WEATHER TERROR: It’s Going To Snow In Brainerd

When, how much and will it stick? This weekend, not sure, doubtful.

Off and on rain/snow showers will be possible through the weekend, with continued chilly temperatures through the beginning of next week. Nothing major, nothing permanent either from the looks of it.

Now, when my kids hear “it’s going to snow” they go into full celebration mode. Now, is it my duty as a parent to crush their spirits and inform them that it’s not snowball or snowman weather and that white junk will be disappearing by Sunday or Monday at the latest. Maybe just this once I’ll pass on being the bad guy. We will see.

The snow, whatever amount there ends up being, will surely vanish quickly as highs next week jump back into the mid-50’s.

Credit: The Weather Channel

Safe to say we can look forward to a bit of a sloppy weekend in the Brainerd Lakes Area.

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