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UPDATE: Local Backyard Rink Wins Award


UPDATE: Peterson’s backyard rink wins bid as the best backyard rink in the State of Hockey. At the end of voting on Sunday Drew and Christi Peterson of Baxter had 46% of the overall vote, enough to be declared the winner of the online contest by   

As the clock struck 9 pm and the voting was complete the Peterson’s took to Facebook to let us all know the results and say thank you:

“Yahoo!!! Thank you to all that voted!! We owe you a skate on a fresh sheet of ice when we get the new resurfacer😜! It was fun to watch and hear the stories about people signing up for twitter and everybody spreading the word!! Thank you!! “

ORIGINAL POST: Youth hockey has a strong tradition in Minnesota and has been the backbone of our love of the sport of hockey for generations. 

Many stories start with a neighborhood rink, clearing on a pond or a backyard rink created with the passion of one or more families. is running a contest along with their sponsor to find the best rink in the state of hockey. One of the front runners is right here in the lakes area.

The Crew Arena is the creation of Drew and Christi Peterson of Baxter. This year it was the site of the 1st Jake Haapajoki Memorial tournament that brought friends and families together for a friendly tournament in honor of their son. They have been selected as one of the 4 finalist and the final vote is taking place right now until 9pm!

If they win the contest they will be awarded Paradice Rink Resurfacer that will help insure great ice for the 2nd Annual event next year. If you have Twitter, be sure to vote for the Crew arena and the Petersons *here*.