Uptown Griddle In Merrifield Closing

Credit: Uptown Griddle Facebook

One of the Lakes Area’s top spots for homemade eats is closing…

Uptown Griddle in Merrifield took to their Facebook page to drop the news:


Touted as a must-stop for their breakfasts and home-made comfort food, Uptown Griddle has been a staple in the area for years.

The silver lining is that we still have 2 months to enjoy the fruits of their labor. FYI, many of us have B-bay certificates to use. Stacey from B-bay would like to pass along that B-bay “will NOT be issuing in-store credit for non-used certificates. This is a 60 day notice. Make a plan to get to the Uptown Griddle in Merrifield AND USE YOUR BBAY CERTIFICATES!” (lotta capital letters there, but she does like to yell…)

Best of luck to the owners in their future endeavors!