Tim McGraw Releases New Single ‘Neon Church’

Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw has spent the last 10 days toying with fan’s emotions and now we can finally relax.

Fanatics freaked when McGraw scrubbed his social profiles 2 weeks ago, followed by a 2 a.m. post from McGraw reading ‘I need Jesus or I need whiskey’, wondering if the 51 year-old was headed down a dark path.

You can breathe easy, it was only McGraw’s promo team just cranking it into over-drive. It was all a set up to unveil an upcoming new album from McGraw, due out in 2019.

Now, back to Jesus or whiskey… that just happens to be the first line of his new single- Neon Church.

Fans who aren’t yet on McGraw’s text list can text 615-205-5687 to start receiving messages.