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“Till There’s Nothing Left”: How 50 Cent, ‘Kelly & Ryan’ are pushing Cam back onto the country airwaves

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The week after her performance on Live with Kelly & RyanCam‘s new single, “Till There’s Nothing Left,” is breaking into the country airplay chart. 

The “Burning House” hitmaker jokes a famous rapper may deserve some of the credit. But since the California native’s already worked with big names in the pop world like Sam SmithDiplo, and Harry Styles, you never know.

“We joke. [Writer/producer] Jeff [Bhasker] calls it the 50 Cent guitar,” she explains, while starting to sing “In Da Club,” before slipping into her own hit. “‘Go shorty, it’s your birthday!’ But that’s happening… ‘I wanna steal every breath of fire.'”

“It has like a chug to it,” Cam continues, “and you’re like, ‘Okay. This is going somewhere.’ So it’s a banger.”

Lyrically, the song Cam co-wrote with Bhasker, Tyler Johnson, and Hillary Lindsey focuses on an all-consuming love.

“The thesis statement of this song and the heart of the song, it’s like a love that is just all-encompassing,” she tells ABC Audio. “Like, ‘But I just gotta give you everything. I gotta sit in my desires, and I’m not embarrassed by it. I’m just like everything, I want to give everything I am, and disappear into you.'”

“Like it’s very ‘I don’t want the date to end at the [end of the night]’ with your boyfriend or whatever in high school,” she adds.  

“Till There’s Nothing Left” is from Cam’s sophomore album, The Otherside. Later this week, she plays the Austin City Limits Festival in the Texas capital.

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