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Thomas Rhett stars in first Fritos ad in 20 years

Thomas Rhett

Country music fans that catch the new Fritos ad on TV will see a familiar face in Thomas Rhett.

The country star busts out his acting chops in the chip company’s first ad in 20 years, according to Peoplequizzing his friend on a game of “this or that” while snacking on a variety of Frito’s.

“Chips?” Thomas asks his friend as they stroll past bags of Fritos in the grocery store aisle.

“Fritos, man,” TR replies. “Back roads or highways?” Thomas asks while munching on Flavor Twists, followed by “mild or spicy” as he pours hot sauce into a bag of original Fritos.

“Ok, which Fritos?” he asks at the end of the video as they return to the grocery store aisle.

“This is a tough one,” his friend says. The two then grabg as many bags as they can off the shelves.

“They gave me full rein to just be super me,” Thomas explains to People about being part of the ad. “It brought back a lot of memories from my childhood, and everything about it just felt really nostalgic to me.”

Thomas is set to release his new album, Where We Started, on April 1. His current single, “Slow Down Summer,” is currently climbing up the top 20 on country radio.

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