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Thomas Rhett reveals his daughters’ hilarious reaction to finding out they’re about to become big sisters


Thomas Rhett is ecstatic that he’s adding another daughter to his family. 

“It’s overwhelming to be honest with you,” Rhett told Entertainment Tonight. “We’re due in November and we’re gonna have four little girls and it’s just gonna be awesome.”

Despite being the only man in the house, the country crooner attests he doesn’t mind being outnumbered, telling the outlet, “I feel like I’ve gotten very good at being a ‘girl dad,’ so very, very excited about it.”

Rhett and wife Lauren Akins announced in May that they’re about to become a family of six.  The singer said his three little ones had quite the reaction when they found out that they were about to become big sisters.

“I have a video of it that I haven’t shared with anybody yet… Lauren’s showing them the pregnancy test and them being like, ‘Is it a boy. Is it a brother?’ Lauren’s like, ‘We don’t know yet,'” the four-time Grammy nominee disclosed. “When they told them they were like, ‘We wanted a boy!'” 

Rhett says his daughters might have one last chance of getting that elusive baby brother, as he’s previously expressed that he wants to have five children.

The “Some People Do” singer also shared his upcoming Father’s Day plans and revealed he’ll have his hands full, because he’s in charge of preparing the meal that day.

“Most every Father’s Day, the girls just let me cook something,” he cracked. “That’s what I love to do. I love standing by the grill. And a lot of the time on Father’s Day, they’ll help me kind of prep the stuff that we’re cooking. Hopefully it’s just chill. Sit by the pool, have a beer, cookout, do the thing.”

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