The Return Of Top Gun

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Credit: Paramount Pictures and

In 1986 when I saw Top Gun in the theater for the first time, it was my all time favorite movie. After 34 years a part 2 is finally in the works and at Comic-Con 2019 the trailer was revealed.

Watching the Official Trailer for the movie releasing next June, it stirred my love of aviation. Tom Cruise is back as Maverick. Older and wiser? Okay, maybe older… Cruise was present for the debut at Comic-Con and spoke to the crowd. He told the San Diego crowd that, “Everything you see in this film is for real.” The producers worked directly with actual Navy pilots and all of the flying in the picture is real. Cruise said, “For 34 years you guys have been very patient with me and I felt it was my responsibility for me to deliver for you.”

The trailer honestly gave me goosebumps. This new chapter of this classic will likely entice a few young folks into a career as a Navy fighter pilot just like the original. 

Aviation Geek Note: Throughout the trailer you see Navy F-18 Hornets until the very last scene of the trailer. That is the classic, retired, F-14 Tom Cat… wings swept back, burners lit. Yes!