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The Parade Is Back!!!


The Brainerd 4th of July Parade is back for 2021!

The Brainerd Community Action Board met Tuesday (5/11) with Executive Director and Brainerd Mayor Dave Badeaux to discuss how the changes in the restrictions from the state will effect our plans for the 4th. It was decided that we should be able to hold the parade in it’s traditional location this year now that restriction will be relaxed for all outdoor activity in ample time.

In 2020 during the summer of the pandemic all events that would cause congregating people where forbidden and the 4th of July Fireworks were the only thing that occurred in Brainerd.

Community Action was actively working on an alternative to the parade prior to Governor Walz’s announcement Thursday that restrictions would be lifted by July 1st. That news made it possible for the pivot in plans, but puts the BCA in a situation where time is of the essence.

With 6 weeks to fund raise and plan an event that would normally be done over months BCA Director Badeaux is on a short timeline. “We will be reaching out to the community for support,” said Badeaux. “With all of the conversations that went on about how we need to have these events, now we need to have the community support it as soon as possible so that we can move forward with the plans.”

Even thought the fireworks will be shot from the lower site of Brainerd High School’s athletic complex, access to the hill will be restricted due to the ongoing construction at Brainerd High. This portion of the event plans are still being resolved. More information will be addressed closer to the 4th.

Arts in the Park at Gregory Park are also being planned. Follow Brainerd Community Action on Facebook for more current ongoing information.