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The Other Woman’s Checkbook: B93.3 B-Roll of the Day

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The Mystery of the Other Woman’s Checkbook Has Been Solved

In case you haven’t been following this.  A man had to prove his innocence after his wife found another woman’s checkbook in their car.  He SWORE he had no idea who it was or how it got there but, surprise, she was still suspicious.

To clear his name he became an amateur detective.  The woman’s info was on the checks, so he looked her up and left messages, but she didn’t respond.  The only thing left was to hit up social media and put the word out.


If I ever get answers, I’ll update this. #mystery #truecrime

♬ original sound – MR RUPP™️


It took a while, but the woman did eventually see the clip, and she contacted the couple.  Turns out their kids go to the same elementary school.


#stitch with @mckfranz …and then I’m going to bowl about it.

♬ original sound – MR RUPP™️

The whole thing sounds like a setup, but the “other woman” is pretty convincing.  See for yourself.


Replying to @elizabeth.paige14 #checkbook #jessica #goats #farmtok

♬ original sound – mckfranz

So what do you think? I still want to know exactly how the checkbook got in the wrong car and why. I guess this is another good example why you should lock your car doors.