The Moose Loose In Breezy Point


I have lived in Breezy Point for about 15 years. I have seen a ton of wildlife while living there and driving to and from Baxter just about every single day.  Deer, raccoons, porcupine, bear, deer, fox, mice, frogs, turtles, deer, rabbits, owls, coyotes and more mayflies and mosquitoes than I care to mention.  A number of years back, there was the report of a good-sized moose that had wandered through the Pequot Lakes area, but I never did see that it made its way to Breezy Point.  But THIS moose did.  A steel moose that I just love!

I don’t know when it first went up.  I didn’t know who made it or what the story was behind it, but I love it.  I admire it every time I drive by it, especially at night when it is gently lit up.  Last Christmas, it was adorned with a wreath around its neck and it just made me smile.

So I stopped and took some daytime photos of it and decided to search the web for more information.  I did find that the artist is Jeff Kreitz, a metal sculptor who apparently lives nearby and has a steel shop, Creative Steel Works.  His moose is awesome.

Mr. Kreitz, thanks for creating this gorgeous piece of art and making me – and now my daughter, too – SMILE every time we pass it.  If anyone wants to see it, search the woods on the north side of County Road 11 between Pequot Lakes and Breezy Point Resort.  If you’ve already seen it… I am guessing you are already smiling just reading this.

I wonder… has it been given a name?