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‘The Comeback’: Zac Brown Band announce a new album, celebrating success stories and human resilience

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Zac Brown Band will return this fall with a new, 15-song album that’s all about the resilience of the human spirit. Called The Comeback, the project is a deeply personal one to frontman Zac Brown, who co-wrote every track and also co-produced the record as a whole.

The Comeback’s track list features several songs fans have already heard, including “Stubborn Pride,” “Paradise Lost On Me” and the band’s current single, “Same Boat.”

To celebrate the album announcement, ZBB has added one more instant gratification track, “Slow Burn,” to preview the album. The song, says Zac, is “definitely about that first, young love,” and highlights the early memories and experiences that help shape people’s lives.

The Comeback celebrates our collective resilience as a community,” the singer explains, adding that this new chapter was also influenced by the new perspective the band gained during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This music is about standing together and rediscovering our roots and what makes us human. We feel incredibly blessed to be back out on the road again, sharing these new songs with our fans,” he continues. “The only good thing about getting knocked down is The Comeback when it comes back around.”

ZBB’s new album is due out on October 15, but it’s available to pre-order now.

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