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The B93.3 Virtual Fair Poultry Barn

“Moose” is an Icelandic Rooster who was hatched in April at Whippoorwill Farm in Iron River, WI. He is the prized rooster of B93.3’s Wild Bill and Shelly Satre.

No Fair? No problem… We’ll have our own online. If you have a prize chicken that you’ve been grooming to be the next grand champion at the country fair, this is your chance.

This would have been the big week to show your beautiful birds at the Crow Wing County Fair. With the Covid-19 cancellation of all county fairs and the Minnesota State Fair we wanted to give the chickens there due.  Hens and Roosters are all welcome. This is a sort of open class show. No judges but we are looking for as many best in show birds as you would find in the barn at the CWC Fair.

The virtual poultry barn is on our B93.3 Facebook page. If you have a chicken, a pet poultry, an egg layer, an attack rooster or have a prize 4H marvel, we want to see them. 

What we need to know: What kind of chicken is it. (Australorp, Brahma, Buckeye, Icelandic, Orpington or Wyandotte)

Did you name your chicken: (Is there a reason for the name? Like, naming the roosters after hockey players from the opponents you don’t like make them easier to eat later.) 

How old is your chicken: Hatched this year or seasoned elder of the flock?

To learn more about Icelandic Chickens like our Moose check out his hatchery, Whippoorwill Farms, Iron River, WI: