Teen Stopped In Minnesota For Going Over 90 MPH While FaceTiming

An 18-year-old girl was stopped on her way to Mankato for excessive speeding and was on FaceTime while doing it.

Selfish and dangerous are two words that come to mind after hearing about this traffic stop Friday by one of our…

Posted by Minnesota State Patrol on Wednesday, April 10, 2019

A scary situation all around. I get nervous when I get on 371 and someone passes me going 70 MPH. Now imagine a teenager going 90+ while also FaceTiming her friend. Yikes. Then to add to it, this girl is STILL on the video chat while the trooper walks up to her after pulling her over? I can’t decide if that’s overly cocky or insanely stupid. Probably both.

Please be safe on the roads. Keep the phone down, I bet the text can wait. It’s also a good reminder that a new ‘Hands-free cell phone’ bill will most likely become law within a few days.

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