Guess What Song Taylor Swift Had Tim McGraw Help Sing On Her Tour Stop In Nashville

Taylor Swift
Photo by Chad Kirchoff from Pexels

Taylor Swift, who has been known for bringing surprise guests out for a song or two during her tour, brought superstar Tim McGraw out for a certain song while in Nashville.

Gee, I wonder what song this could possibly be?

You all knew that was coming.

Taylor Swift is much bigger now than when she was just a country singer, which is crazy to think because she dominated the Nashville scene after her debut single, Tim McGraw. So when her reputation tour stopped through her old stomping grounds last weekend, you knew she was going to bring out someone big to give the show a little extra pop. She even got the package deal in both Tim and Faith Hill. It was a little lackluster before McGraw came out, it seemed like Faith didn’t know the song well enough to confidently sing it in front of thousands.

I wonder if she’s going to bring anyone out when she comes to U.S. Bank Stadium on September 1st?