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Street Legal Wednesday Night at B.I.R.


The Friday night of Brainerd high School graduation we all lined up and announced the names of each graduate, at a parade of sorts at Brainerd International Raceway. I got to see first hand the look on every face as they pulled into the starting lane. For many this was the first time that they had been on the track. Again and again the the urge to launch from this position that champions have burned out from year after year on NHRA Nationals. finally the chance to do it for real is here and if you were part of that graduation even, you should come back tonight and take a shot for real!

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to race your own car on a championship drag strip, or if you’d like to learn how to get into competitive drag racing, here’s your chance. The NAPA Street Legals is the perfect way to get that feeling of the rush of sailing down the quarter mile track competitively or just for the fun of it with friends.

As stated on the B.I.R. website:

“BIR opens the track to anyone with a helmet (Snell 2010 or newer), a valid drivers license and a street-legal car, truck or motorcycle. The gates open at 4 p.m. You can make as many runs as possible until the track closes at dusk. During that time, you get to use the starting line tree, the scoreboard and the burn-out box, just like the pros do. We even have an announcer calling the action over the PA system.

In addition to drag racing, the NAPA Street Legals gives drivers a chance to try autocross and drifting as well. Autocross is a timed competition where cars maneuver individually through a course. It’s more about car control than speed and horsepower. Drifting is similar, but the car maneuvers through the course in controlled skids. It’s as much fun to watch as it is to participate. Below is a schedule of when autocross and drifting are offered.

The NAPA Street Legals was created as a safe alternative to street racing. BIR offers racers a safe, controlled environment to race, where professional track operators and rescue personnel oversee the racing and ensure that the racers are still able to enjoy the thrill and excitement of racing against their buddies. BIR is committed to the highest standards of safety.”

Seriously, all of you that ran through BIR for graduation, come lineup tonight! Fun for just $25. It’s a blast and you will have fun. See yourself get better with every run. No one cares how fast or slow you are! When you are done with each run, they give you a slip of paper with your stats. Go as many times as you like!