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St. Cloud Hostage Situation Ends With Suspect Arrested And All Hostages Safe

Suspect Arrest Wells Fargo 05.06.21
Photo Credit: KSTP

After 8+ hours, Ray Reco McNeary is in custody after a hostage situation at a Wells Fargo in St. Cloud has ended.

According to St. Cloud Police Chief Blair Anderson, his department received the first call right before 2pm on Thursday from the Wells Fargo of a disgruntled customer in the bank. Not long after that, the police department received a panic alarm alert from the same bank.

When police arrived on the scene, they found out five people were being held hostage inside the bank. It was reported that McNeary asked for the police to contact the FBI immediately.

The hostage situation ended just before 10:30 pm with all hostages safe and McNeary in custody.

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