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So Much WINNING So Little Time


Today was the last day of May and we cleaned up in the winners category today.

Tomorrow is Winstock Wednesday so we look back at who won the Winstock tickets last wednesday and that would be James Maxwell of Hill City and Dale Ranney of Brainerd. They each pick up a pair of Wistock General Admission tickets for June 17th and 18th. We have two more Winstock Wednesday before we pack the camper and head to Winstock.

Speaking of Winstock! We have the Winstock Triple Play winner from Memorial Weekend. Congratulations to  Jessica Windorski of Aitkin. She will win not only Tickets and Camping to Winstock for this year… but also for 2023 and 2024.


Finally, every month on B93.3 we draw winners for the big prizes in the Headlines or Hogwash contest from the “Morning Show.” For the month of April we are pleased to announce that the winners are Donald Tuil of Motley for the $200 and Tate Halonen of Brainerd wins the certificate worth $100 to the Baxter Café.

Congratulations to them. We start all over with a new $200 in the bank and another fist full of Baxter Café certificates. The only rule is that you can only play once per calendar month on Headlines or Hogwash. We play the contest by 7:40 am weekday mornings. If you get it correct you go into the drawing for $200… if you get one or both wrong you still can win a $100 to the Baxter Café where you can enjoy some really wonderful meals.

As always remember you need to use your noodle and not your Google.