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City of Brainerd Declares A Snow Emergency For Sunday, March 10th

Photo by Chris Peeters from Pexels

The snow hasn’t gotten the memo that we are in March now as the City of Brainerd has declared a snow emergency for Sunday, March 10th. 

According to a press release, the city of Brainerd will be in a snow emergency on Sunday, March 10th. That means that snow plowing will begin at 5:00 AM on Sunday and will be plowing the entire city. You will not be allowed to park on these streets during.

  • All Snow Emergency Routes
  • All north–south streets or streets that generally run north-south
  • All Streets south of Wright Street
  • All Streets West of the Mississippi River

It was also noted that on Monday, snow plowing will start at 7:00 AM. 

The city also sent out a press release for snow removal and that snow removal in the Downtown Business District will start at 3:00 AM Sunday morning. Parking will be banned on the following streets.

  • Front Street from South 6th Street to South 8th Street
  • Laurel Street from South 6th Street to South 8th Street
  • South 7th Street from Maple Street to Front Street