SNEAK PEEK: Up North Indoor Bounce

Disney Princesses

Impeccable timing as summer winds down, Up North Indoor Bounce House is set to open tomorrow, 8/28.

When Jump City Indoor Bounce House closed in February of this year, it was disappointing. Before that business, it was 3,2,1 Bounce that first ventured in to the inflatable game back in 2015.

Fast forward to present time, Steve Cassman doesn’t need or want a history lesson on past businesses. He’s focused on the here and now. Making his business- Up North Indoor Bounce House, the most successful and fun place it can be. Cassman, the self-proclaimed ‘biggest kid around in town’ is pretty pumped. He said things fell into place pretty nicely and is ready for opening day!

I got a sneak peek before doors officially open tomorrow, and the transformation was really a nice site. Fresh fun-colored paint on all the walls, a revamped jump area- with brand new inflatables.

It would have been easy to take the shortcut and buy gently used inflatables, but that wasn’t the route Cassman wanted to go. “You’ve gotta have Mickey… and the Disney Princesses,” the former truck driver-turned bounce house bossman said.

If one didn’t know that there was previously another business in this space you’d think it was brand new.

Cassman says he’s heard from some nay-sayers that so easily drop the ‘ third time’s a charm’ cliche’. “Disney World had their problems when they first opened up… so we will make adjustments as we go”, Cassman says.

For now, it’s a one-man shop with Cassman opening the doors at 9a and closing them at 7p  Tuesday- Saturday and 11a-6p on Sundays. His wife Lisa who runs SpaQuest across the hall will assist as needed on weekends… as long as he asks nicely!

The private party room is available with pizza and ice cream for purchase. You can bring in your own dessert, but Cassman has one request… no ice cream cakes!

Monday will be his saving grace as a coveted off-day… Unless a group wants to reserve the space for private use.

As a dad of 4 kids who could occasionally have the need to burn off some energy, this is affordable and right up our wheelhouse!

There could also be additions to the space coming soon. As Steve and I were looking at the space we found a perfect spot for a massive tv and an ideal location for some recliners… if that comes to fruition, Football Sundays might just turn into “Dad’s Day’ at Up North Indoor Bounce!