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Jelly Roll & Eric Church Headlining We Fest 2024

Good grief, what a follow-up to a stunning 2023 lineup. We Fest has announced that Jelly Roll and Eric Church will bookend We Fest 2024.

OPE! Comedian Charlie Berens Coming To Brainerd

Gosh darn it, tell yer folks I says we’re busy on Friday,  February 2nd next year.

Is The Vikings Season Over After Week 1 Loss To Tampa?

Ladies and gentlemen, football fans, and particularly the Minnesota Vikings faithful, I stand before you today with a heavy heart and a solemn message: The Vikings’ season is officially over!...

Baxter Cafe Abruptly Closes

With minimal notice, one of the Brainerd Lakes Area’s favorite breakfast spots is no longer…

Free Safe Ride Program Begins In Brainerd

“If we can help save just one life with this effort, it’s totally worth it.” That’s one of the messages from Brainerd Lakes Towards Zero Deaths.

About Eric

Hometown: Paynesville (Roscoe if we are are splitting hairs)

Family: my wife Beth, 3 sons (12,10 & 8) and daughter (5)

Pet(s): Golden Doodle Jasper, 3 cats: Ivan, Sophie and Johnny and 13 chickens (omelettes anyone?)
Best Concert I’ve Ever Been To: Tim and Faith Soul2Soul Tour 2000 and Eminem 2002
Biggest Pet Peeve: Sooooo many… slow drivers and indecisive people
The show I Love To Binge: Letterkenny, Ozark, The Office, Shameless
Dream Travel Destination: Boston
Worst Trend I Ever Followed: The 3-4 year run of dying my hair blonde.
What Always Surprises People About Me: I once had my eyebrow pierced
Something I dislike that most people like: Coffee
What I love about Central MN: On a summer Sunday you can drive 15 minutes in almost any direction and watch 2 or 3 different baseball games!