#ShellOnChallenge Proving Our Society Is In Trouble

Credit: YouTube/Sempre

Why? That’s the most obvious comment when any of these new ‘challenges’ start up

The latest is the #ShellOnChallenge which consists of people eating food without taking off the wrapper, shell or peel. Yep… a real bunch of winners.

Imagine ten years from now, these kids interviewing for a job and their prospective employer googles them or scans their social media to see who they might be hiring. Oh look, there is Braxtyn (remember we can’t use traditional names or spellings anymore) eating carrots strait out of the plastic bag. Sounds like a winner!

It some cases it isn’t just moronic… it’s unsafe. Eating carrots while still in a plastic bag? C’mon Emmalee…

The stick of butter one was the real kicker… Ol’ Neveah didn’t realize that after posting it on her ‘gram she would get some bad feedback? Sorry lady. you put it on the internet… it’s there forever now.