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Sauk Rapids Native And Bemidji State Grad To Release New Song In Nashville

Photo Credit: Brooke Greenberg Photography

Aaron Clafton decided to move to Nashville after graduating college at Bemidji State University and is putting his best foot forward with his new single “Spare Key”.

‘Spare Key’, which is written by Clafton along with Levi Burwell and Julia Formica, is the Sauk Rapids native first big push in Music City. The song will be released to all streaming platforms on Friday, June 28th. 


The song came to Clafton after hearing about how a spare key was an integral part of their night. Clafton took that spark of inspiration, and with the help of Burwell and Formica, turned it into a song that tells a story in only a way that country music can. You can here some of our interview with Clafton below.[0]=68.ARCWdcCEt2PY3jnDUvaU3jvfB6nJHxGWIwqC_QH48SRys-5LlTpUFRTsLL1rfLVNHalCTJhamaidHFPfwVAs2jTTNoJqexHhxC2QlOmntj9wPCC064O-eBLH6xVaffYjj8t8QI3yMFSMxaVCNBSbJFQ4ut0CHm_bw5zd0ilH1oOjLsoic8qPZw2Le8C-cDiMDFYXUAbcd0e-Nk-lMneixvuWldkniBwY8_p-5U9wwGRnx_gy5htm7p0NzoUoYAYK0xtPh4_9eY9ImqbVxWvA9B97TRqgHkfJRSMQzkCB_m7pjjzGy5lx3aVx3afb9_xJLY9RKQ2wIMWVqQykwyAJFLtvzUlFVhmMZljjuA&__tn__=-R


Pretty cool to see this song come to fruition after you first seeing him perform in college at an old Irish bar in Bemidji.