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Runaway June are sharing their ‘backstory’ in a new, three-track EP

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CeCe Dawson/BBR Music Group

Runaway June will have some new music to share next week. On Friday, the trio announced their three-song backstory, which is due for release on August 20. 

With the exception of their 2020 holiday album, When I Think About Christmas, backstory will be the first multi-song project the trio have put out since Natalie Stovall joined Runaway June after the departure of longtime band mate Hannah Mulholland last year. However, Hannah’s listed as a co-writer on one of the songs, “Down the Middle.”

Further underscoring the group’s emphasis on songwriting, all three of the tracks — also including “Forgot About That” and “T-Shirt” — were co-written by band mates Jennifer Wayne and Naomi Cooke

backstory promises to highlight the band’s bluegrass leanings, prominent vocal harmony and rootsy musical foundation. The project’s release also comes at the end of an eventful time period in the band mates’ personal lives: Jennifer and Naomi both recently got married. 

Runaway June is set to hit the road next week as part of Luke Bryan’s Proud to Be Right Here Tour. Last year, the band re-released their latest single, “We Were Rich,” to reflect their new lineup after Natalie joined the group.

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