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Rockin’ Rooster Musical: B93.3 B-Roll of the Day

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The Hardest-Working Rooster You’ve Ever Seen, Set to Music

Comedian Kevon Carter finds clips of animals singing, or whatever their “talent” is . . . and puts it to music.  His most popular video is a rooster that crowed so long and hard, it fainted.

Other good ones include the bird singing “Ooh baby” . . . and the puppy crying a sad song.  He also embellished a LITTLE GIRL singing a masterpiece she created called, “Please Stop Bugging Me“.


Ok Im thinking maybe we held the note a little too long 🤷🏽‍♂️😂 Credit: @grupo.arremacho #fyp #animals #pets #brothermusician

♬ original sound – Kevon Carter