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President Trump Retweets Video of Brainerd Military Family Reuniting

Credit: Pixabay

Politics aside, this is pretty awesome…

It was a hot summer day in mid-July and while kids were at the ballpark, parents cheering them on, there were a couple kids in for a surprise of a lifetime.  Master Sergeant Amy Barnum’s boys never expected her to be at the game because for the better part of a year, Brainerd’s Barnum had been deployed.

Get those tissues ready…

That’s legit. And as a guy that has been a Public Address announcer for hundreds of games… I don’t blame the PA guy for choking up. I’ve never had the honor to announce a homecoming of these sorts, but I’m thinking I’d have the same trouble. I’m a crier too…

The story found it’s way to the White House as President Trump re-tweeted the video last week.

All in all, a great feel-good story. Geez, it’s nice for some positive news to happen every once in a while!

Welcome home Master Sergeant Barnum… and thank you for your service.