Potential Nasty Weather For The Area Today

Credit: NWS-Duluth

Or not… we don’t have anything concrete at the time I am writing this, but the National Weather Service posted the following that makes me a bit weary…


I’m not going to pretend to know what this all means, it just seems to me that I’d rather know than not know. Black hatching appears to me to be  the area for greatest potential for severe weather to quickly establish itself.

Again… this could all be nothing. I don’t remember a spring/summer like this where there has been a multitude of days that there is 60,70 or 80% chance of rains and/or storms and it turns out we get nothing. A great example was this past Wednesday, 70% chance of afternoon storms… nadda. BUT, the above image does indicate the Brainerd Lakes Area on the northern portion of the Black Hatched Area.


Whenever the words ‘tornado, hail or damaging winds’ is mentioned, it’s better safe than sorry…