Paul Bunyan Country Outdoors

Paul Bunyan Country Outdoors

Paul Bunyan Country Outdoors features discussion of all things outdoors in the True North. With thousands of lakes and thousands of acres of forest, Paul Bunyan Country is home to some of the best fishing and hunting in North America and you’ll hear from the some of the nation’s best guides and anglers.

Latest Episodes

Fishin’ Paul Bunyan Country: A Very Dramatic Knights Of Columbus Walleye Classic. We Talk With The Champs, The Tournament Director & We Make Life Tough For The Aquatic Biologist

Steve Holley & Larry Sundquist became the 1st ever Knights Of Columbus Walleye Classic repeat champions. Saturday, they won their 2nd title, 15 years after their 1st. We talk with them as well as Tournament Director Joe Czapiewski. Plus, the Aquatic Biologist accuses us of torturing him with our tough questions.

Fishin’ Paul Bunyan Country: We Hear From One Of The Best, Pro Bass Angler Jeff “Gussy” Gustafson, and the Aquatic Biologist Discusses Fish Sleep Patterns

Jeff “Gussy” Gustafson is one of North America’s Premiere Bass anglers. He’s earned a spot on the Bassmasters Elite Circuit after many years on the FLW Tour. He’s back in the Great White North fishing his beloved bass walleye, crappies and more on Lake Of The Woods. We’ll hear what’s happening up north, and we’ll grill the aquatic biologist on the important question “How do fish sleep?”