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Pizza Delivery Man Trips Suspect on the Run from Police: B93.3 B-Roll of the Day

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Police in Brookhaven, Pennsylvania . . . just outside of Philadelphia . . . got a tip from a pizza delivery driver on a suspect.  Actually, not a tip . . . a TRIP.

On Sunday afternoon, the police were chasing after a suspected car thief, when the suspect jumped out of the car and fled on foot down a sidewalk.

He was running toward a pizza delivery man named Tyler who was holding a pizza he was delivering nearby.

Tyler realized what was going on . . . and he stuck out his leg and TRIPPED the suspect.  The thief hit the ground, and the cops nabbed him.

Tyler later said he got a nasty bruise on his leg, but he’ll survive.  He said the police were very appreciative, and were high-fiving him afterward.  The police chief said it was a crazy coincidence . . . and it did work out this time . . . but he warned that people should step aside safely, and let the police handle it.