Bill Satre

Meet You At The Bar… Online?


Last night, amid cancellations and precautions we had a change of our plans. Instead of going out to have a drink and visit with friends, we stayed in and jumped online and did the exact same thing. This is not a new thing for us. My wife Shelly and I have been friends with some people all over the country who occasionally get together online and have a bump. We’ve been doing this for at least fifteen years.

During the Corona-virus outbreak we’re seeing the business world adopt more conference video  gatherings. What about after work? Now they have a word for it in Japan. On-nomi or online drinking. The story posted on shows that this has become a way of keeping social and your social distance. It’s the touchless, pathogen-free gathering of the immediate future.

With the popularity of video conferencing and the many platforms now available, could this be our new meeting place after work too? Platforms like Zoom, Uberconfernce, Goto Wenbinar, and even Microsoft Teams, provide the ability for groups to go online and virtually be at the bar with friends after work. We used for our St. Patrick’s night party. And when the night was over, we didn’t have to catch a ride or drive anywhere. 

If you’re a gamer you likely already have a headset with microphone. Add a camera, or on most lap tops there already is on built in. The additional equipment is minimal. Stock up with what you like from the store on the way home and stay in for the evening with friends.