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No Walleye For YOU!

photo credit: quirkyjazz

The Department of Natural Resources is shutting down walleye fishing on Mille Lacs.

Starting next Friday, September 6th, fisher-persons will no longer be allowed to snag walleye. Anglers may fish for other species and use live bait.

“We’re glad anglers had the opportunity to harvest walleye in May and fish for walleye through much of the open water season,” said Brad Parsons, fisheries chief for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. “Because angling pressure and walleye catch rates were high, the coming closure is necessary to stay within established limits.”

High fishing pressure and large catch rates in the last 60 days pushed the regulation limits. The state of Minnesota and Ojibwe tribal authorities with fishing rights on Mille Lacs agreed on a 2019 safe harvest level of 87,800 pounds for state anglers and 62,200 pounds for tribal fishing.