There Is No Shame In Taking Your Vacation Time

The Bronze Horse Fountain is one of many statues that adorn the area.

48% of Us Have Been Shamed by a Coworker for Taking Vacation Days

According to a new survey conducted by Alamo the car rental company, 48% of us have been shamed by a coworker for taking our vacation days. Either because it makes their job harder, or they’re just jealous.  And 36% of us admit WE’VE done it too. Be honest! Have you ever done this to a co-worker?

Here are five more stats from an annual survey on our vacation habits . . .

Only 45% of us used all our vacation days last year, down from 51% a year ago. And people with unused days are more likely to “vacation shame” a coworker.  52% said they’ve shamed a coworker, compared to 27% of people who used all of their vacation days. 

28% of us have made vacation plans based on how good the photos would look on social media. That’s up 12% from last year.  And parents are more likely to do it than people without kids. I’m not sure what the stats are for parents day drinking while on vacation, but here are some photos from our February trip to Arizona just because.

Wine tasting on a sunny February afternoon is something you can only really do in Arizona. (LDV Winery)
Cait was our wine sommelier at Salvatore Winery located in Old Towne Scottdale, AZ. (Salvatore Wines)

34% of us post vacation photos online JUST to show off. And again, parents do it more often . . . 40%, compared to 26% for people without kids. So, don’t judge me. Stop it!

And one-third of people said they’ve seen social media ruin a vacation before. Too much phone time is the most common thing that causes drama.  My solution… if I’m holding a wine glass I can’t hold my smart phone, so it’s therapeutic too. 

After the winter we have endured, a nice vacation someplace warm may be just what you need to recharge and head into spring with a better disposition. Don’t let the vacation shaming  co-worker, or boss prevent you from getting some much deserved time off.