Photo Credit- Dustin Lynch/YouTube

New Music From Dustin Lynch This Friday

In the newest model of releasing multiple songs at once, Dustin Lynch is the latest artist to hop on the bandwagon…

It’s no secret the music industry is ever-changing… We all remember the times when an artist released a single to radio, then once that single climbed to its peak the album would come out and radio single #2 would be released. And then we transformed into the age of digital sales where the radio singles were available for purchase any time and you can pre-order the album and get 2 or 3 additional songs. Now one of the latest  trends is for the label to flat out release more than one song at a time. We saw Thomas Rhett do it this weekend and now Dustin Lynch is set to drop 3 songs from his next album this Friday.

OK, I’ll bite… I know I will sound like a “GET OFF MY LAWN” guy here, but I am not a fan of this. I like the suspense of not knowing what I’m getting. It’s like Christmas for me. I compare it to when I was a kid, we could go to the store and I could play the video game at the store console. It didn’t let me access every mode or even 25% of the features. They just gave me a taste… just enough to hook me into buying it.

That’s my preference but I am just a “Small Town Boy” country music fan.


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