New Music From Dustin Lynch This Friday

Photo Credit- Dustin Lynch/YouTube

In the newest model of releasing multiple songs at once, Dustin Lynch is the latest artist to hop on the bandwagon…

It’s no secret the music industry is ever-changing… We all remember the times when an artist released a single to radio, then once that single climbed to its peak the album would come out and radio single #2 would be released. And then we transformed into the age of digital sales where the radio singles were available for purchase any time and you can pre-order the album and get 2 or 3 additional songs. Now one of the latest  trends is for the label to flat out release more than one song at a time. We saw Thomas Rhett do it this weekend and now Dustin Lynch is set to drop 3 songs from his next album this Friday.

OK, I’ll bite… I know I will sound like a “GET OFF MY LAWN” guy here, but I am not a fan of this. I like the suspense of not knowing what I’m getting. It’s like Christmas for me. I compare it to when I was a kid, we could go to the store and I could play the video game at the store console. It didn’t let me access every mode or even 25% of the features. They just gave me a taste… just enough to hook me into buying it.

That’s my preference but I am just a “Small Town Boy” country music fan.