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My Ranking Of Riley Green’s Wishes In “I Wish Grandpas Never Died”

Riley Green’s song “I Wish Grandpas Never Died” has been one of the songs I’ve had on repeat… for plenty of reasons.

The song is a glorified wish list…  twenty-one wishes to be precise. Hopes from never running out of a favorite cocktail to sports teams never losing at home (um… every team would have a .500 record) to heartfelt family hopes.  From the bottom, to the tip top of my wish list, here goes nothing…

  1. High school home teams never lost. [see above… all .500 records, no fun]
  2. Every road was named Copperhead. [this would be confusing]
  3. Even cars had truck beds. [ugly]
  4. I wish every state had a Birmingham. [fun fact- only 2 do… Michigan and Alabama]  
  5. I wish every porch had a swing.
  6. I wish Sunday’s on a creek bank would never end.
  7. I wish honky tonks didn’t have no closing time.
  8. The first time, seventeen, she was my everything kiss in a Chevrolet could happen every day.
  9. Monday mornings felt just like Friday nights.
  10. Wish I could learn to drive again. 
  11. Back road drinkin’ kids never got caught.
  12. Coolers never run out of cold Bud Light- [I’m a Mich Golden guy, but I get his point…]
  13. Everybody knew all the words to “Mama Tried.”
  14. Girls you loved never gave back diamond rings. [Never happened to me but I can feel the meaning…]
  15. Good dogs never got gray and old. 
  16. The price of gas was low and cotton was high.- [what can I say, I’m frugal.]
  17. Country music still got played on country radio.
  18. Farms never got sold- [as a farm boy growing up, this one carries a little more weight for me.]
  19. Kids still learned to say “sir” and “ma’am,” how to shake a hand. [A lost art, to say the least]
  20. Everybody overseas was gonna make it home. [wish I could have two #1s…]
  21. Grandpas never died. [Both my Grandpas had passed before I was born, but I sure would have loved to meet them]

Green just released a live-version of the song… enjoy!

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