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Morning Show: Real Reviews From Home Depot


“Dakota the Intern” joined Wild Bill on the Morning Show today for this gem.

So, if you were going to the Home Depot website to get customer reviews for this 48ft by 60ft wood garage kit that looks like a neet little barn… You would find some of the most unusual reviews ever posted for a product. This one is sure to keep you entertained as each one apears to be a rant of it’s own.

Also, If you’re a teacher looking for a creative writing topic, we just hit creative gold with this one.

See the link here:


Great quality
Amazing product! Didn’t come with all screws so I used some zip ties. Perfect place to practice my strokes. (Golf refference I’m sure) No floor, no mess to clean up. I loveeee barns, I love how the wood feels on my fingertips. My wife’s only complaint is I spend too much time in the barn and come back super sweaty and out of breath, as there is no A/C. So hot. —by Barnstroker

Finally, the Amish are Obsolete!
It used to take a whole village to raise a barn, but scorn for one’s neighbors meant we had to outsource that labor to those filthy neck-bearded, buggy-driving, button-hating Amish. They had utility, and the work ethic of a hundred mule team to be sure, but what makes them despicable is their judgement and how they avoid paying taxes for roadways. With gas prices as they are, I can’t in good conscience continue to support that community of fuel tax dodgers, so this garage is a perfect. —by Papaw

My dream house
I spent my retirement on this and put it on a small plot of land in riverside with my brother Gary and my lovely wife Gerty. Due to the rising cost of affordable living in Southern California, this purchase saved me a good amount of funds! I was able to afford some luge lessons and a couple pounds of meat to construct meat helmets like my brother and I used to do when we were young. My wife is not very fond of these activities so I will be purchasing a garage add on inThe near future. —by Connor

Bad material
I ran my car into the wall and well it broke! this product is made of cheap mats once I repaired my abode with 20 wood and 10 meatal a homeless man walked right in and shot my pet hamster 5 times!!! this is unacceptable there is no security. —by Damarcus

Best Barn Ever
I bought two and stacked one on top of the other. Top one has floor that doubles as a roof, bottom one has no floor, still, Good purchase. —by Barnbuilder6969

What a bargain
I bought this homestead for me and my 14 lizards. I thought it would be impossible to find a home that both relieve themselves in and clime on at the same time. Clean up is easy because of no floor. Couldn’t be happier 10 out of 10. —by Jiff

Love it !
Purchased this, and had it assembled in one weekend, all by myself. I don’t like to read instructions, so kept having to re-do. If it hadn’t been for that, it wouldn’t have taken me near as long. Building, and rocking the chimney was the hardest part. —by HandyAngela

Perfect for my Farm!
This is a perfect barnyard kit for my pasture-raised unicorn meat and glue farm. Bought it and it arrived very soon after. Very pleased! My pet dire wolf also loves sitting under the overhang next to where the firewood is kept. —by UnicornJerky