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Mora Football Coach Walks Through Aitkin Football Team Introduction

Prior to the beginning of the Aitkin vs Mora Football game on Tuesday night in Aitkin, the Mora coach seemingly wanders into the path of the Gobblers players as the come running on to the field.

This is the football game that Aitkin played against Mora. And look at how rude the coach is from Mora! This is not a good way to show your team good sportsmanship!! I just couldn't believe it!!

Posted by Laurie Hanson on Tuesday, October 16, 2018


Naturally, this didn’t go unnoticed. As you would expect people were watching and the cameras were rolling. Reaction to the video of the coaches actions on social media included comments about “poor sportsmanship” and calls of it being a “bush league move.”

My first thought was if one of the Aitkin players rushing on to the field, in a pack of his team mates, didn’t see this guy wandering into their way, had just leveled him. Laid him out like a Thanksgiving dinner. Who would be the “bad guy?” I happen to think it would have served him right to have been laid out on the turf by one of the Gobbler boys… accidentally of course. It should go with out saying that you never run into a flock of Gobblers, ever.

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