MN Twins Offering Family Value Concessions In 2019

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Photo by Steshka Willems from Pexels

With a lower payroll in 2019 and the most popular player retiring, the Minnesota Twins had to do something to generate fan interest. And have they ever! Kind of…

The Twins have unveiled their ‘Family Value Concessions’ for this season.

The plan includes:

$4 Hot Dogs

$4 Nachos

$4 Pretzels

$3 Peanuts

$3 Popcorn

$2 Pepsi Products

$5 Beers

Seems like a great move by our favorite ball club. Not really though.

Here is the rub, it’s available only in Sections 133 & 327… Let’s use this image below to explain how this is all very mis-leading.

That sheds a bit of light on how feeble a deal this is. The section 133 stand will be backed up until at least the 2nd inning depending on weather and crowd size because that is closest to the busy plaza entrance. Anyone coming in gates 29 and 34 aren’t going to waste their time. And the other stand in Section 327… I’m not going to hike over there for food, I’d miss 1/3 of the game.

Here’s my opinion, it’s a great idea and I know I shouldn’t rip it before the first pitch is thrown, but it just screams PR move. Trying to grab the “Twins Lower Concessions Prices” headlines, when in all actuality, if they wanted it to benefit the fans, they would have the stands in more than 2 sections. Now, the marketing guy in me is already thinking they have full intentions of adding additional sections already and just laid this plan out as a teaser and will drop in more sections in a month to come across as really trying to win the fan base over. I hope so at least, because the baseball lover in me wants to go to games with the family.

To be fair, the Twins also are continuing their food policy which states: “The Minnesota Twins permit guests to bring food into Target Field as long as items are consumed in the general seating areas. Outside food cannot be brought into any restaurant, club lounge or suite. Food containers must be soft-sided and fit under a guest’s seat. Food that could be thrown as a projectile should be sliced or sectioned (i.e. apples). ”

I think they should have incorporated some of the former Twins in the new food plans, like you could have  ‘The Morneau’ you get 4 sodas, 4 dogs and 4 cotton candies for $33. ‘The Cuddy’ – a beer and bag of peanuts $5. ‘The Mauer 6-4-3’, any $6 item is just $3 when someone hits into a double play…