Mike Fisher’s Singing Makes Son Sob, Carrie Underwood Comes To The Rescue

Credit: You Tube/Carrie Underwood

Mike Fisher can hunt with the best of them, he can probably still sauce a puck with the best around, but here is proof he can’t carry a tune.

Fisher was singing a Vince Gill song to his 5 month-old son, Jacob this weekend… Jacob was having none of it, thankfully Carrie was filming the video and swooped in to calm the little lad.

Poor Mike… I’ve been there as a dad too. Your singing doesn’t quite do the trick, then in a matter of milliseconds, someone else starts singing and immediately soothes and calms them.

To be fair, Fisher may have a point in his rebuttal that Jacob was simply hungry and wanted some food from Carrie.

Or did he have some… Dirty Laundry for her?