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Mick Sterling Brings The Music Of “The Stones” And Rod Stewart To Grand View

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39 years ago, Mick Sterling stepped on a stage and began belting out rock and roll and R & B tunes.  He sang “lead” for this band and that band and the other group too.  He sang in this bar, that nightclub and the other saloon as well.  He was good…he was getting better….he was learning his craft.

It was with the formation of “Mick Sterling And The Stud Brothers” that Mick began to solidify his reputation as one of the Twin Cities most dynamic and musically gifted performers.  And, the people came out to see them.  There are a whole lot of Minnesota music lovers who recall great nights at “Bunkers” of Minneapolis with Mick and “The Brothers” cranking out the soul and the R & B.  As a group, they were very deservedly inducted into the Midwest Music Hall Of Fame.

Mick Sterling has an uncommon ability to “pull in” his audience and to “hold on to them” through each and every song and each and every performance. He has what some choose to define as magnetism.  And that magnetic pull also serves to bring gifted musicians together.

Great players and performers are “drawn together”.  They’re never satisfied if they’re not challenged by one another and they’re never content until the crowd goes home knowing that they’ve seen a great show.  For them, it’s all about a shared dedication to the highest possible standard.

Sterling’s career path has led to the establishment of “Mick Sterling Presents”.  Mick and some of his best and most talented musical friends have gathered together to create and perform musical tributes to an increasingly long list of some of their favorites, from Van Morrison to Ray Charles, from Joe Cocker to The Bee Gees.

Last year, Sterling and a stage full of great players brought their presentation of “EltonSongs” and “A Billy Joel State Of Mind” to The Grand View Summer Concert Series.

This season, they’ll present “Mick And The Stones” and “Reason To Believe”, the music of Rod Stewart.

We hope you’ll join us for a night of great music played by a large group of highly dedicated musicians in the “great out of doors”, at The Pines. Come on out and get some “Satisfaction”.

Showtime is 6:00pm on Thursday, July 18th.

Tickets are available now: CLICK HERE

Tickets are also available at our Hubbard radio studios in Baxter or at The Pines Clubhouse at Grand View.