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Meet Me In North East… Dairy Queen Moving Into Old KFC Building


My wife hates the cold weather. Loathes it in fact… She would move tomorrow if she had the choice, even though we were both born and raised in Minnesota. What keeps us here? Our love for Dairy Queen. And family… DQ and family. And no matter how cold it is today, my wife and I are full of warmth. Because a THIRD DQ is coming to the Brainerd Lakes Area!

This new location is the old KFC resturant in Northeast Brainerd.

Dairy Queen is a staple. I can remember growing up on the farm, sweating from picking rock, doing chores or bailing, scorned by the nuisance of all the work. But the carrot was always dangled: “If we get done in time, we will go get a DQ”. Good enough for me! Let’s roll. Time’s ticking, they close at 9… C’MON!!! I always used to get a pint of plain vanilla. Now, I’m a crunch cone or cherry dipped cone guy. And soon, another Dairy Queen will be open a mere 5 minutes from our house. I bet I can make it in 3 or 4 if I really try…