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Maren Morris won’t drop cryptic music clues on Twitter: “Y’all know I don’t have the bandwidth for Easter eggs”

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Maren Morris recently appeared as a guest vocalist on a song off Taylor Swift’s re-released Fearless album. But while Taylor is famous for dropping subtle Easter eggs into her social media posts, Maren is warning fans not to expect the same from her.

Case in point: Maren recently shared a series of vacation snaps on Twitter, including pictures of herself relaxing on a tropical beach with a drink and a good book.

The caption includes a reference to the classic TV show The Office, but it was the shell emojis she tagged onto the end of her caption that caught fans’ attention, causing some to wonder if the shell was a cryptic hint about Maren’s album.

“I JUST LIKE SHELLS,” Maren replied, along with a laughing emoji. “Y’all know I don’t have the bandwidth for Easter eggs.”

However, she did offer fans a brief update on her upcoming third project. “But the album is 1/2 way! See? Shooting ya straight,” the singer added.

She also responded in a straight-forward way when another Twitter user asked her if there would be any duets on the album. “Only the people I sleep with,” Maren deadpanned in response.

Of course, that seems like a nod to Maren’s fellow artist husband Ryan Hurd, whose current single is a duet with Maren called “Chasing After You.” Whether Maren plans to include the song on her album as well — or whether the couple have another duet in store — is not yet clear.

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