SPOILER ALERT- Did Maren Morris Accidentally Release The Name Of Her New Album?

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Photo Credit: Maren Morris/YouTube

I’m taking my “I Spy” series national people… this time, I think I have cracked the case on what the name of Maren Morris’s new album will be called.

It was a little over two weeks ago that Morris unveiled the lead single– ‘Girl’ off her sophomore album.


The song has taken country fans by storm and all but cements the 28-year old Dallas native as the ‘heir to the throne’ once Carrie Underwood’s reign is over.

So, on to the album spoiler… Sunday on her Instagram stories Maren was listening to her new album on vinyl. Well-placed emojis almost blocked the writing on the record… Almost!

Tell me that doesn’t say Memphis.

It does.

I wonder if 3M would want to sponsor the album?

Maren Morris – Memphis

Release date: TBD