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Mandatory Masks Coming To Minnesota?


I got this email today from Matt Killian from the Brainerd Chamber of Commerce, and thought I would share.

“Based on several sources, we believe it’s likely that Governor Walz will announce a mandatory mask order this week.

 After experiencing surges in COVID cases, Governors in Arizona, California, Colorado, Louisiana, Florida, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas have reversed course on reopening businesses. At least 15 states and several Minnesota cities have also enacted masking orders. Whether or not you believe in the effectiveness of masks, the right to incur personal risk, or the Governor’s own leadership, we strongly urge everyone to do whatever it takes to make sure our local businesses aren’t shut down again. There is no doubt that another round of closures would be even more devastating than the first.

While we are encouraging compliance, we do not believe that businesses should bear the sole responsibility and consequences of ensuring public safety. Our primary concern is enforcement and making sure that businesses aren’t placed in the position of policing customers or refusing service.”