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“Man Made”: Matt Stell’s outside-the-box tribute to women everywhere starts with his “bada**” mom

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There’s no shortage of songs about women in mainstream country music, but Matt Stell is aiming for something a little bit outside-the-box with his new song, “Man Made.

“I love a positive song that is able to get something across,” Matt explains to ABC Audio. “I just love the way that it talks about something that we talk about a lot in country music — which is women, and how great they are — and I thought this was a cool way to do it in a different way.”

Whereas many country songs about women revolve around their external beauty, “Man Made” goes deeper, exploring the fundamental and lasting impact women have on the world. “If a man made anything, it’s ‘cause a woman made that man,” the song concludes in the chorus.

Matt didn’t write the song, but it certainly rings true to his experience. The singer says his mom is one of his best friends.

“We’ve been through a lot together,” he continues. “You get a little bit older, start thinking about having kids one day…she set the bar pretty damn high with how she was with me, because I wasn’t easy.”

Now, getting the chance to tribute his mom makes releasing “Man Made” all the sweeter. “It’s nice to say something that’s nice, that I mean, about somebody I care about,” he continues.

Still, the song wouldn’t be a proper tribute if it was too sentimental. “My mom’s a bada**, so we didn’t get too sappy,” Matt quips.

Check out the exclusive premiere of the lyric video for “Man Made.”

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